Peaceful Property maintenance, Tree Trimming and Sod Installations in West Lake Hills, Texas

West Lake Hills is a proud suburb of Austin, Texas. The residents of West Lake Hills are very proud of their school district and all the children attending. It is a beautiful place to live, with its lush green trees and warm weather. There are many swimming locations throughout West Lake Hills and Austin. Enjoy some time hiking on the nature trails. Cobos Landscaping Solutions is your landscaping partner to help with inspirations you find along the way.
Cobos Landscape Solutions

What services does Cobos Landscape Solutions offer in West Lake Hills, TX?

Property maintenance

Part of property maintenance is designing how your flower beds will be arranged. Do you know how you want your landscape to be set up? Cobos can help get your thoughts and design organized. It doesn’t stop there; Cobos installs all your designs, so they get put in correctly. Getting your landscape mapped out helps figure out what fits and needs to be rethought.

Tree Trimming

Trees are sturdy plants with a deep root system; to keep trees strong and durable, their branches need a trim. However, trimming your trees is dangerous on your own. Cobos Landscaping Solutions has a team of certified professionals who can do the trim for you. Branches that are trimmed often are less likely to fall on your home, car, or people. So keep your neighborhood safe and get your trees trimmed by professionals.

Sod Installation

Sod acts like a living carpet. After a while, your lawn and the sod become one when the seeds underneath fall onto the soil. Growing together to improve the health of your landscape. Cobos only lays the best sod for our clients. We strive to ensure each lawn has the best chance to accept and adjust to each piece of sod.

Power Washing

Power washing requires the use of heavy – and dangerous – machinery. Cobos is a professional team with the certifications required for washing your home safely. Say farewell to the clogged gutters. Each twig, leaf, and rock gets washed away safely and efficiently. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sneezing the next time you step into your screen room. Cobos makes sure every surface is clean and clear of allergens. Take that breath of fresh air.

Paver Patios & Walkways

Paver patios are a fun addition to your lawn. There are many designs to create your patio. Cobos has excellent skill and knowledge in creating unique looks that complement your lawn. Walkways are no different. Where patios offer a place to hang out, walkways are places to walk and explore. All without disturbing the health of your grass. Cobos is the team for you!

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration is just the start of the process used to boost your lawn’s fertility. Cobos is also certified to use the machine required for this job. Do not attempt to poke holes in your lawn by yourself. Then comes overseeding; the more seeds spread over your lawn, the higher the chance of producing more grass blades. Each hole in the ground provides a pool of nutrients for hundreds of grass seeds.
When Cobos Landscape Solutions is called, we provide peaceful services in West Lake Hills, Texas. We are a unique team that provides the utmost professionalism to all our clients. Cobos Landscape Solutions is dedicated to providing as much detail to each project we accomplish. Cobos Landscape Solutions – Superior services you can trust!
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