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What is included in our tree trimming services?

The smaller plants aren’t the only ones that need your love and attention – the bigger ones, such as trees, need your help, too! Tree services need to be done at least once to twice a year, maybe more, dependent, of course, on the age, size, and type of tree. These services primarily involve trimming off branches or pruning the smaller arms to prevent damages from occurring or spreading.

Why is Cobos a leader in the tree trimming industry?

We’re committed to being a proper leader in the landscape industry with our core values:
  • We offer clear communication, keeping you in the loop the whole time
  • We’re the ones to call when there are tough decisions to be made about your landscape
  • Quality landscape work is always one of our top priorities
  • Having faith in our work is paralleled to always doing the right thing by you in our eyes
  • Our team isn’t satisfied unless even the smallest details are taken care of

How does tree trimming affect my lawn?

Makes the people below much safer

Your family, friends, and even yourself should feel safe walking around your property without fear of injury. Tree branches threaten those walking below if they’re cracked or diseased! Tree trimming cuts away those cracked or diseased parts, so they don’t get weaker and fall to the ground below. That way, the risk of them hitting your guests drastically decreases.

Disease is less likely to spread through the tree

Many diseases can affect your trees – leaf bright, oak wilt, powdery mildew, and anthracnose are all possibilities. They affect the leaves, bark, and water systems of your trees. Trimming or cutting back tree branches helps prevent those diseases from spreading to the rest of the tree. That way, you can preserve your trees and avoid having them removed.

What are some important facts about tree trimming?

Tree Trimming

It can be a dangerous job

There are a lot of landscape jobs that can be considered dangerous – tree services are a big one! Depending on the tree’s height, falls can lead to serious injury. In addition, the tools used to trim your trees are also dangerous. They’re sharp and in untrained hands that can easily become a disaster. So it’s not a job that should be taken lightly.

Species and age make a difference

Most trees can be safely serviced one to two times a year, but that number may go up if the project is big. On the other hand, if the tree is younger, it shouldn’t be serviced much to avoid stunted growth. Also, it’s best not to service oak trees like you’d service fruit trees or flowering trees. There’s a lot more thought, planning, and timing that goes into this process than one would think!
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