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What is included in our sod installation services?

If your grass is struggling to grow well and nothing else seems to be working, it may be time to try something else. Having quality, mature sod installed across your landscape is a great way to have an almost “instant lawn” without waiting for the seed to take! The process includes a survey of your lawn, determining which grass will be best, and after-care instructions.

Why is Cobos a leader in the sod installation industry?

Our business is growing, but our core values will never change:
  • We know how important quality work is to our customers
  • You will have involvement the whole time with the help of clear communication
  • We can help make hard calls on landscape decisions that you may not be able to make on your own
  • Every little detail matters to us, no matter what service it is
  • Our team believes in always doing the right thing by you and has confidence in our work

How does sod installation affect my lawn?

Provides a carpet of green in very little time

As you read above, sod provides an “instant lawn” that doesn’t take months to grow to reach that thickness. That way, you can begin entertaining on or enjoying your lawn sooner! It’s important to note that it still takes a couple of weeks to set where everyone should remain off it until the roots settle in. Beyond that, your lawn will look healthy and beautiful.

Enriches the soil underneath

Your grass won’t grow well if the soil is in bad health – old grass is doing the soil no favors. However, organic, mature sod usually takes to the soil well, breaking it up with gradual root growth. Also, this new sod starts healthy and strong, which helps the soil below retain the nutrients it needs. There are multiple other benefits to this type of landscape installation that are hard to beat!
Sod Installation

What are some important facts about sod installation?

The type of grass makes a big difference

Different grass types are available in sod form – that doesn’t mean all of them are well-suited for your environment. Some thrive in hot weather, while others thrive better in cold weather. Some of the most resilient grasses to choose from in this area are St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia because they can survive high temperatures, droughts, sandy soil, and even salty air.

Your lawn will be better suited against damages

It’s no secret that there are many damages your lawn can face throughout the year, but there are ways you can limit it. Surprisingly, sod can help control some of these damages from occurring! Sod is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce the amount of soil and water erosion caused by storms and rain. It doesn’t just look good; it serves a purpose, too!

Caring for your Property After Services

  • Avoid walking on your sod installation for 2-4 weeks. You can walk on the grass once it is rooted. If you gently pull on the grass and it cannot be pulled up, it has rooted and walking is safe to resume.
  • It is important to water your grass every 1-2 days for the first 3-4 weeks so that the soil below the sod remains moist.
  • Do not mow or fertilize the grass during the first 4 weeks after installation.
  • Do not let your pets relieve themselves on your new grass for the first 4 weeks.
Your dream lawn isn’t out of reach – it’s possible with a little help! Cobos Landscape Solutions offers wonderful sod installation in Austin, West Lake Hills, Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding areas! Cobos Landscape Solutions – Superior services you can trust.
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