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What is included in our seasonal cleanups services?

Your lawn needs all the help you can give it to stay in the best shape possible and look fabulous! Unfortunately, lawn clutter will draw in things like pests and mold to your grass – which can lead to other problems. Our helpful yard cleanup services include leaf removal and removing other clutter that can ruin the aesthetic of your landscape.

Why is Cobos a leader in the seasonal cleanups industry?

Our crew recognizes how important hard work and quality services are to our customers:
  • We offer clear communication in every job we do
  • We’ll make the harder landscape calls for you based on our knowledge and expertise
  • The details of our work are one of the most important things to us
  • Keeping faith in our work and doing what’s right is always a core value
  • We understand how crucial quality is to our customers

How does seasonal cleanups affect my lawn?

Limits grass diseases that develop over time

Many grass diseases can spread across your lawn over time – here in Texas, large patch, algal scum, crown, root rot, and anthracnose are all very real threats! Clearing fell and possibly damp leaves that collect on the ground can encourage the spread of these diseases. Our spring and fall cleanups clear away lawn debris, leaving your landscape clean and beautiful!

Provides extra safety during the messier seasons

Spring and fall cleanups are the busiest times to work on clearing out your landscape, though this lawn maintenance tactic is used year-round. Unfortunately, this is because the chances of slipping and falling increase during these seasons. Leaves and other debris on your lawn collect moisture from rain or moisture and can quickly become very slick. Getting rid of these hazards clears the way to enjoy your lawn without sliding across it.
Seasonal Cleanups

What are some important facts about seasonal cleanups?

Hesitating can starve your lawn

Many homeowners hesitate when it comes to the big yard cleanups for one reason or another – if you’re guilty of this, you’re not alone. However, this could be one of the worst things you can do for your landscape. Waiting too long to get rid of this lawn clutter will deprive your grass of sunlight and direct oxygen, which can slowly kill the grass below. It’s best to always keep cleanups on top to prevent this disaster from striking.

It’s not a one-and-done process

Major cleanups may need to happen only once or twice a season, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hard-fast rule. For example, some seasons may need one while others need three. Additionally, these big cleanup days aren’t the only necessary ones. Smaller cleanups should be happening in-between to keep your lawn in the best shape possible!
Your lawns will always be handled with care and unparalleled professionalism by a team you can rely on! Cobos Landscape Solutions offers outstanding seasonal cleanups in Austin, West Lake Hills, Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding areas! Cobos Landscape Solutions – Superior services you can trust.
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