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What is included in our property maintenance services?

The term ‘property maintenance’ covers various services that enrich your landscape’s aesthetics and keep its growth under control. These services target different areas of your landscape, such as shrubs and the grass with shrub trimming, general lawn maintenance like mowing, and landscape installs and maintenance.

Why is Cobos a leader in the property maintenance industry?

As a small business, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard in every job we do:
  • All the work we do keeps a focus on the details of each project
  • We understand and acknowledge the importance of high-quality work
  • We aren’t afraid to help make the tough calls for you with landscape projects
  • You’ll be as involved in the process as you want with crystal-clear communication
  • Our team has faith in their work and will do what’s right by your property

How does property maintenance affect my lawn?

Increases the curb appeal

You can do many things to upgrade the curb appeal around your home drastically. However, maintenance is one of the “easiest,” non-invasive ways to boost the attractiveness of your home. When the grass, shrubs, and small trees are trimmed, your lawn looks neater and more eye-catching! It will draw in family and other guests more than an overgrown or shabby lawn.

Your greenery will grow healthier

While there are other direct ways to keep each area of your lawn healthy, maintenance is a great way to address all of it at once. In addition, property maintenance can encourage healthy growth when the bad stuff is gone. Your grass will grow faster, the plants will grow stronger, and shrubs will grow thicker. This practice ultimately leads to all-around healthier growth that’s strong and sturdy.
Property Maintenance

What are some important facts about property maintenance?

Your property and landscape history matters

Knowing the history of your property is important – including, but not limited to, tree growth history, past sod installations, landscape bedding changes, or different grass seeds that have been planted. We understand that you may not know the full history of your property, but having an overview of everything you were told or have done yourself can help you plan future maintenance routines!

Proper maintenance means healthier soil

It’s hard to see how the growth of your grass or plants can affect the soil, but it’s fairly simple. If they grow how they should, their roots will expand properly and break up the soil in a good way. Healthy plants or grass don’t have diseases that can spread to the roots. Healthy plants equal healthy soil – and maintenance keeps those plants healthy!
Landscape work and property maintenance could be the solution you were waiting for! Cobos Landscape Solutions offers sensational property maintenance in Austin, West Lake Hills, Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding areas! Cobos Landscape Solutions – Superior services you can trust.
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