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What is included in our power washing services?

Over time you’ll begin to notice a build-up of grime on your outdoor surfaces, such as driveways or decks, that diminishes its looks and makes it slippery to walk on. However, power washing services will blast away all that dirt, pollen, and mildew, making it look new again. The best part is it can be used on most hard surfaces without a problem!

Why is Cobos, a leader in the power washing industry?

We believe in every core value we have and use them in all of our work:
  • We do whatever we can to do right by our customers and have faith in our work
  • We believe in presenting only the finest quality services to everyone
  • We want you to be involved in the process and keep open communication through everything
  • Every job done is completed with attention to the littlest details
  • Landscaping is an intricate process, and we can make the hard calls for you

How does power washing affect my lawn?

You’re less likely to get sick as often

There’s not much you can do to keep yourself from getting sick 100% of the time; however, there are ways you can lower the risk. Getting rid of common allergens like mold, mildew, and pollen can accomplish that. These allergens cling to your hard surfaces and build up, creating an environment that can be harsh for you and others. Power washing rids those surfaces of these allergens, creating a safer environment.

Reduces chances of repairs later on

Hardscape surfaces such as patios or walkways are sturdy but not indestructible – over time, that surface will get worn down. In addition, the grime that falls into tiny cracks can worsen the situation. Power washing these surfaces removes that grime, reducing the chances of excess damage. Therefore, less money and time is being spent on repairs.
Power Washing

What are some important facts about power washing?

Not everything is meant to be power washed

While this service can be a great solution to your hardscape problems, it’s not meant for every outdoor surface you have. For example, if you have concrete parts already crumbling, it’s best to stay away! Some wooden surfaces and outdoor furniture are also not meant to be cleaned this way; they could be badly damaged by doing so. Fresh paint does not need to be power-washed unless you want to remove it.

Power washing is cheaper than repainting

In some cases, power washing painted surfaces can save you time, money, and a major headache. Fresh or already chipped paint should be avoided, but that doesn’t mean paint is off-limits. Paint that’s sat for a while but is in good condition should be washed frequently, as mildew and other pollutants can strip it away. Again, the bill you’ll receive is cheaper than a new paint job!
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