Perfect Property Maintenance, Tree Trimming, and Sod Installation in Austin, Texas

Austin is a popular city in Texas. What makes it so popular? The crime rate is low, prime work location, and it’s a giant city with many fun activities to enjoy. Despite Austin’s size, Cobos Landscape Solutions is up to the challenge of serving this great city!

The capital of Texas offers a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, and swimming are all fantastic activities to enjoy and soak in the fresh air. Also, don’t forget to check out bats flying around for their evening breakfast when the sun goes down!

Cobos Landscape Solutions

What Services Does Cobos Offer?

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is the designing and installation of your landscape. Cobos helps design a functional landscape and then installs it for you. Getting the job done isn’t enough; we ensure it’s perfect!

Cobos Landscape Solutions is proud to add mulch, plants, and more to complete our design property. These aspects bring the whole picture together. Finally, we get to enjoy the satisfaction our clients show when that last flower has been planted.

Tree Trimming

Trees are dangerous to trim on your own. Cobos has the knowledge and skill to do the trimming for you! Our goal is to ensure the safety of our clients and our team.

Trees can be unforgiving when they fall in the wrong spot. Branches are no different. Trimming branches stop the spread of disease and allow the tree to continue growing strong.

Sod Installation

Grass is an important part of your lawn. But, when it needs help – or even is beyond repair – have sod installed. Sod lays on top of your lawn, and sod and your soil grow as one over time.

Mowing is still crucial in keeping sod healthy and strong. Waiting is the hard part. After the sod is laid, adjusting your lawn will take a couple of weeks. But, no worries, Cobos is here for installation and care.

Power Washing

Cobos power washes your home, patios, decks, and more. Power washing gets rid of algae, mold, and pollen. Your home and hardscapes will last longer when allergens are blasted away.

Power washing can be dangerous with how high the pressure has to be. However, the high pressure helps clean out your gutters from leaves, twigs, and rocks that get clogged. Cobos is licensed to handle all your pressure washing needs.

Paver Patios & Walkways

Paver patios add unique designs to your landscape. Each tile is a unique piece that adds personality to your patio or walkway. Cobos has excellent designing skills to fit together like a puzzle, so you get the exact design you want.

Walkways give a place for people to walk, keeping weight off your grass and out of your flower beds. Cobos Landscape Solutions will install your walkways and patios safely. We guarantee you will be satisfied.

Seasonal Clean-ups

When seasons change, they leave behind their footprint. It’s up to Cobos to clean up the leaves, blow the debris from your hardscapes, and wash away the pollen. Leave the cleanup to the professionals, and weeds won’t stand a chance.

We clean up your lawn, so you don’t have to. Each leaf gets picked up, making your lawn look immaculate.

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