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What is included in our aeration and overseeding services?

Unfortunately, your soil will become impacted over time, making the grass more difficult to grow. If the roots cannot expand, your lawn will be in trouble, unable to soak up moisture properly. It may be time for an aerating treatment to open up the soil and follow it with an overseed to introduce new grass to thicken up that carpet of green!

Why is Cobos a leader in the landscaping industry?

Our company doesn’t stop at doing the bare minimum; we strive to do more and be better:

  • We put faith into our work and always do right by our customers
  • Communication and customer involvement are as vital to us as the work itself
  • High-quality services aren’t just pretty words – they’re actions
  • To us, the details are the most important part of our job
  • We’ll make the tough calls for you that you can’t make on your own

How does this treatment affect my lawn?

Allows needed nutrients to penetrate the soil

The foundations of almost any plant life are water, sun, air, and good soil. All of these elements come together to encourage growth and create something beautiful.

The aerating process puts holes or “pores” into the ground, opening it up for these elements to reach areas where they couldn’t before. Doing so allows the roots of your grass to soak it all up, expanding as they go!

These two treatments work best together

These two pieces of lawn care are essential for lawn growth in different ways and, therefore, can be done separately if necessary. However, they often work better when done back-to-back. The first part of the process puts holes into the soil that let nutrients in, while the second part puts new grass seeds into those holes to begin germinating. It’s like a match made in lawn care heaven!

What are some important facts about this power couple?

Choosing the right seed type is important

When overseeding your lawn, you’re introducing new grass seeds into the soil in hopes they’ll grow into a lush carpet of green. Of course, it’s tempting to go with what grass seed you find, but this is problematic. Different grass types thrive better in our climate than in colder ones. Make sure you choose grass such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Zoysia because they handle heat very well!

Stronger root growth equals better survival rates

Every part of your plants and grass serves a purpose, and the roots are arguably the strongest part. They soak up water and expand, serving as an anchor for what’s growing above.

Lawn care services like this powerhouse duo encourage larger, stronger roots. Those roots help the grass survive intense winters and stressful summers.

Lawn maintenance and lawn care are the two solutions every landscape needs to thrive! Cobos Landscape Solutions offers notable aeration and overseeding in Austin, West Lake Hills, Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding areas! Cobos Landscape Solutions – Superior services you can trust.
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